Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Just Add Colour

Finding little bits of colour in our very grey city is an exciting hunt.
It was a very cold afternoon but these lovely jars of sprinkles brightened up my day at the Cakeology shop on Arthur street in the exchange district.

Little elephant salt shaker I found at "Antiques and Funk" on Main street. I'm diggin' his mini life with all his other little mini salt shaker friends.

Over by the Legislature building, I found an old blue hand rail. Up against the grey and brown of the murky flood waters and the rising sky scrapers of Winnipeg, the blue almost makes the flood look beautiful.

My room mate's backpack provides a nice contrast with the red hand rail of the bridge that connect buildings in Chinatown of downtown Winnipeg. We saw some interesting things while looking out over the road such as; a man on a bike using the kid carriage as a transport for his booze and other materials and a sign that said "Everything on Sale" at the little store. I thought that was funny because it was spray painted on the side of an empty building.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

My Fav of the Day

This is my favorite photo of the group that I took. I like that I have no idea why this child is on the poster
but he sure looks happy about it. I also took another photo just like it but I moved my body over to the left
I little bit and for some reason the boys face changed. Creepy.

Corner of William and King street in the Exchange District near Red River College Princess street campus.

Friday, 15 April 2011

The In between of Winnipeg

I  am currently attempting to get into the Red River Creative Communication program and in order to do so I have to submit a Photo Essay.

I thought to myself "Oh dear, what am I to do? I have no talent besides being outgoing, getting good grades and my innate sense of direction! Woe was me."
I decided to stop all my self depracating and go out and try taking pictures. My roommate, who is an artist and a photographer as a hobby, gave me his camera and some pointers.

The series I am posting is a bunch of back lanes and alley ways in the Exchange District of Winnipeg, The Exchange District has some of Winnipeg’s oldest and most beautiful buildings (in my opinion anyway, not of my roommate’s who is an architect).

Gotta love that Winnipeg grime.
Risk taking the fire escape or risk going through the fire? I'm not sure which one would be more sketchy.
This air conditioner is really high up in the back lane near The Fyxx, Mondragon and The Death Trap, I am not sure how people managed to put their initials in it.
Is that a ghost?

My Rooomate: "What the f*** are you taking a picture of?"
Later... "Oh, I really like this one."
I love that the light in the doorway turned on as I was taking it.

Winnipeg Terminology

Booter (pronounced bOOt-er): Is when a person is walking through a deep puddle and/or near a lake/river and/or snow bank and happens to soak their foot in the water or snow causing their socks and foot to become soaked with either water or filled with snow. It is very uncomfortable and can usually lead to cold feet, trench foot and/or blisters.
It has been argued, mostly by my Step-Mom who is from Flin-Flon, that one can only achieve a booter if one is wearing boots. She calls booters a Soaker.
Soaker (pronounced soak-er): Is when a person is wearing regular shoes, usually of the runner or skate or tennis or cloth-sided variety, steps in a puddle and/or river or lake and wets their feet through their shoes.
Slurpee (pronounced Slurp-ee): A slushy, deliciously refreshing drink sold at 7-11 convenience stores. It is usually drunk in the summer months however, it is good year long. It is comprised of sugar, sugar, sugar, syrup and some sort of flavouring. Popular flavours include; Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper (Mixed with Coke is my favourite), root beer, Crush grape, orange and cream soda, Sprite, Fruitopia, Code Red Mountain Due and Regular Mountain Due. Flavours are usually combined to suit your taste.
Winnipeg was crowned the Slurpee Capital of the World for the eleventh time in a row in 2010. 7-Eleven stores across Winnipeg sell an average of 188,833 Slurpee drinks per month (Wiki).
The Ex (abbreviation for The Red River Exhibition): A large carnival at comes to the Assiniboia Downs Race track park in late June. It consists of many sketchy carnival rides and brings in a bunch of sketchy people into one area, the demographic age mostly teenagers and tweens. One can buy wristbands at Mac’s Convenience Stores and for around thirty dollars; you can ride every sketchy ride in the park! Some of the favourite rides are Niagara Falls, the Zipper, G Force and that one where you go backwards really fast while the announcer yells “SOMEBODY SCREAM!” whilst blaring techno music.
 If you like the smell of engine grease and cotton candy together, then this is the place for you.
The Toad (abbreviation for The Toad in the Hole): Located on 112 Osborne Street, the Toad has become a local and Winnipeg staple in the pub scene. This grimy, cosy little Irish pub is a place where everybody knows your name and when you get slobbering drunk, people will still know your name!
 If you aren’t enjoying the atmosphere inside, with its many tables, darts, and pool tables, then I’m sure you will find all sorts of colourful people outside to either yell at you, let you pet their dog or sing you a song any time of the year. One time my friend and I were walking into The Toad, when a homeless dude yelled “EH buddy, I’d like to touch your wife’s legs.” Which I thought was weird because I was wearing jeans at the moment. Either way, it is always a good time. I very much enjoy the one dude outside that sings Johnny Cash ALL the time.

to be continued...

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bridges and Floods

There are two things Winnipeg is best known for besides Mosquitos and freezing cold winters; is it's ability to flood in the spring and it's many bridges! The combination of the two lead to inevitable genius-ness of my roommate and my next photo adventure.
Our goal was to capture the dirtiness of the water, the swollen banks of the river that is disrupting human activity.
Well, the river disrupted me personally.
As we were playing on the logs in the river, I was trying to follow my coordinated and adventurous roommate to a different log when, I got a booter* (see Winnipeg terminology) in my Polk-a-Dot rain boots.
I wouldn't say this was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, except for the fact that we were playing on the "River Boys" logs which, I am assuming belongs to some sort of river bank gang. I'm also going to assume that some of these "River Boys" had peed in and around that log I fell off of.
I thought "Ahhh hepatitis, I hope I don't have any open wounds on my legs!!"
I ran to the nearest park bench, only to find that I only had wet socks. Which is not nearly as bad as getting hepatitis, however trench foot is a deep fear of mine.
Anyway, another day, another adventure in good ol' WPG.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Winnipeg Dandelion... That's Me...

A dandelion is a weed that is comprised of tiny, white, fluffy seeds that travel with the wind.
I may not be a weed, nor am I fluffy white seed but if I could I would travel with the wind and at certain points in my life I have.
But for now, I am stuck. I am a stationary dandelion, probably of the yellow variety at the moment. The kind that isn't ready to leave yet. Therefore, I am going to make the best of my time here, on the prairies, in the place that has been named "One Great City."
Yes, that's right; W.P.G. M.B (Winnipeg, Manitoba).
The goal of this blog, besides providing myself with an outlet for non-academic writing which currently consumes my daily life at the University of Winnipeg, but as an interest’s piece discussing daily life in Winnipeg. This may include but not limited to; city politics, editorials, photographs, critiques and concert reviews.
My most recent endeavour was learning how to take photograph. My roommate, who is much more experienced with the art of taking pictures, and I started with the ominous, yet beautiful downtown Winnipeg.
Learning to take photos was a great experience despite the bone chilling cold wind that turned my hands a lovely shade of purple and white.
My next photo adventure with my roommate will be tomorrow and the theme is; “The swollen Red River, the effects of flooding in Winnipeg!”