Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bridges and Floods

There are two things Winnipeg is best known for besides Mosquitos and freezing cold winters; is it's ability to flood in the spring and it's many bridges! The combination of the two lead to inevitable genius-ness of my roommate and my next photo adventure.
Our goal was to capture the dirtiness of the water, the swollen banks of the river that is disrupting human activity.
Well, the river disrupted me personally.
As we were playing on the logs in the river, I was trying to follow my coordinated and adventurous roommate to a different log when, I got a booter* (see Winnipeg terminology) in my Polk-a-Dot rain boots.
I wouldn't say this was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, except for the fact that we were playing on the "River Boys" logs which, I am assuming belongs to some sort of river bank gang. I'm also going to assume that some of these "River Boys" had peed in and around that log I fell off of.
I thought "Ahhh hepatitis, I hope I don't have any open wounds on my legs!!"
I ran to the nearest park bench, only to find that I only had wet socks. Which is not nearly as bad as getting hepatitis, however trench foot is a deep fear of mine.
Anyway, another day, another adventure in good ol' WPG.


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