Friday, 15 April 2011

The In between of Winnipeg

I  am currently attempting to get into the Red River Creative Communication program and in order to do so I have to submit a Photo Essay.

I thought to myself "Oh dear, what am I to do? I have no talent besides being outgoing, getting good grades and my innate sense of direction! Woe was me."
I decided to stop all my self depracating and go out and try taking pictures. My roommate, who is an artist and a photographer as a hobby, gave me his camera and some pointers.

The series I am posting is a bunch of back lanes and alley ways in the Exchange District of Winnipeg, The Exchange District has some of Winnipeg’s oldest and most beautiful buildings (in my opinion anyway, not of my roommate’s who is an architect).

Gotta love that Winnipeg grime.
Risk taking the fire escape or risk going through the fire? I'm not sure which one would be more sketchy.
This air conditioner is really high up in the back lane near The Fyxx, Mondragon and The Death Trap, I am not sure how people managed to put their initials in it.
Is that a ghost?

My Rooomate: "What the f*** are you taking a picture of?"
Later... "Oh, I really like this one."
I love that the light in the doorway turned on as I was taking it.

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