Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Just Add Colour

Finding little bits of colour in our very grey city is an exciting hunt.
It was a very cold afternoon but these lovely jars of sprinkles brightened up my day at the Cakeology shop on Arthur street in the exchange district.

Little elephant salt shaker I found at "Antiques and Funk" on Main street. I'm diggin' his mini life with all his other little mini salt shaker friends.

Over by the Legislature building, I found an old blue hand rail. Up against the grey and brown of the murky flood waters and the rising sky scrapers of Winnipeg, the blue almost makes the flood look beautiful.

My room mate's backpack provides a nice contrast with the red hand rail of the bridge that connect buildings in Chinatown of downtown Winnipeg. We saw some interesting things while looking out over the road such as; a man on a bike using the kid carriage as a transport for his booze and other materials and a sign that said "Everything on Sale" at the little store. I thought that was funny because it was spray painted on the side of an empty building.

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