Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Winnipeg Dandelion... That's Me...

A dandelion is a weed that is comprised of tiny, white, fluffy seeds that travel with the wind.
I may not be a weed, nor am I fluffy white seed but if I could I would travel with the wind and at certain points in my life I have.
But for now, I am stuck. I am a stationary dandelion, probably of the yellow variety at the moment. The kind that isn't ready to leave yet. Therefore, I am going to make the best of my time here, on the prairies, in the place that has been named "One Great City."
Yes, that's right; W.P.G. M.B (Winnipeg, Manitoba).
The goal of this blog, besides providing myself with an outlet for non-academic writing which currently consumes my daily life at the University of Winnipeg, but as an interest’s piece discussing daily life in Winnipeg. This may include but not limited to; city politics, editorials, photographs, critiques and concert reviews.
My most recent endeavour was learning how to take photograph. My roommate, who is much more experienced with the art of taking pictures, and I started with the ominous, yet beautiful downtown Winnipeg.
Learning to take photos was a great experience despite the bone chilling cold wind that turned my hands a lovely shade of purple and white.
My next photo adventure with my roommate will be tomorrow and the theme is; “The swollen Red River, the effects of flooding in Winnipeg!”

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