Monday, 20 June 2011

Save Our "Jets"?

As an avid hockey fan, I was very happy when I heard that I no longer have to cheer for the Ottawa Senators anymore.

It was announced on May 31, 2011 that Winnipeg will be welcoming back the NHL this upcoming fall season, however, True North Sports and Entertainment have yet to announce the team's name.

This has caused an uprising among the citizens of Winnipeg who are protesting the name change by using the social media and email petitions. Also, The Winnipeg Sun has been adding fuel to the fire by featuring Jets related articles on the front page of their paper almost everyday (exaggeration but not by much).

When I was 8 years old I went to the fifth last Winnipeg Jet's games back in 1996. I remember my mom telling me to chant " Cheveldae," and "Teemu." I vividly remember the fans standing in their seats, refusing to leave at the end of the game as they chanted "Save Our Jets!"

I'm sure most people, like myself, that were born and raised in Winnipeg have the same sort of nostalgia attached to the Jets name.

On June 1st, Truth North kicked off the "Drive to 13,000," campaign to sell season tickets in order to prove that Winnipeg has the desire and funds to support a team.

The goal was met within 17 minutes.

 If the people come out to support the league, then the league should support the people by giving them what they want and what they've earned: the rightful ownership of their name-

The Winnipeg Jets.

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