Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Scotch Eggs

"Scotch eggs!?" I thought to myself as I read the description on the menu at the Kingshead Pub in the Exchange District. "Why, it must be just like green eggs and ham?!"
No, it is not just like green eggs and ham. Someone did not just use food coloring to dye over easy eggs and honey ham green. And no I did not enjoy it the way that Sam-I-Am and that other disgruntled character both enjoyed their green eggs and ham.
Scotch eggs are hard boiled eggs, wrapped in ground pork, breaded then deep fried and sliced in half.
People may have said “Why the eff would you ever try that after reading the description?” I say, try everything once or until it does you wrong.
Dear Scotch eggs,
you did me wrong.
While eating it, I thought, “This isn't so bad. It tastes kind of like a really heavy, rubbery, salty breakfast... I'll just add pepper”... but afterwards, it feels like you just ate ten big macs.
Truthfully, if you get the chance to try Scotch eggs, I’m going to say go ahead and please do, because I will never discourage anyone from trying anything. But just don't eat a full plate of them and then try to function like a normal person
Moral of the story is- if you eat Scotch eggs, your butt may fall off.
The End.

PS. If you are looking for a pub in Winnipeg that is always busy, no matter the time of day. With a great atmosphere, hilarious staff and delicious, greasy food at fair prices (including Scotch eggs)- check out the Kingheads Pub in the exchange district. It is one of my favourites, especially on a Saturday night.

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