Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What to do in Winnipeg: Monday Nights

Last night, a Monday, I confirmed my belief that Whiskey Dix for is the place to go for a dance party.

The Monday night hot spot used to be Alive but we walked down there and it wasn't even open.

After having a lovely Winnipeg afternoon consisting of shopping and patio hopping, I had a good day drunk-buzz on, which is obviously the best kind of buzz. Of course this led into a sloppy night drunk, which turned into all night party.

Bar I patio, which is always a good time in the sun shine, then the Toad then Whiskey Dix, where the average age of the clientele is 19, was filled with beautiful, well (kinda slutty) dressed people and mostly ladies at that.

The outdoor patio, the largest in the city, was filled with people and the latest music filled the air.

Having to leave early because of an unfortunate situation involving my friends I.D. being expired, we cabbed over to the Village and hit up G martini and the Toad once again. Both places were filled with people because, after all, it is the village and the village is rad but nothing really compared to the straight up party atmosphere of Dix (if that what you're looking for with your Monday night, and we were at the time).

I am excited to see this city and Dix when NHL players come to town, my prediction is that shit is gonna blow up.

Moral of the story is; Monday night are in fact a good time. Whiskey Dix for a dance party or the Village for a chill time, either way get out and party yo.

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