Saturday, 25 June 2011

What to do in Winnipeg: Thursday Nights

Thursday nights are quickly starting to become more fun than Friday nights in Winnipeg, and I have three top reasons why I can justify this statement:

1. Big Dancing (Osborne Village)
2. The Red Cactus  (Corydon)
3. Half off bottles of wine at Original Joe's (Kenaston and Grant)

Big Dancing is a rad, dingy club in the basement of Ozzy's where most phones don't get reception. If you kids are the same age as me, then you might call it the The D Machine of its time.

With its very cheap drinks, Molson Canadian's for $3.50 and Jagger on special, everyone is in the same sweaty, drunk boat around you.

Hosted by Cypha Dias and with music by The Hosers and Ric Hard, and guest DJ spots such as Shuttle from Passion Pit this past Thursday. The DJ's will rock your socks with the newest beats and jams.

There is also Tiny Dancing upstairs but it just seems like purgatory until you get downstairs to the Big D. Be sure to get there early to avoid the line, especially when it's cold outside.

For a more chill but still dancy atmosphere there is the Red Cactus on Corydon.

The Red Cactus is a small awkwardly shaped two level lounge with a patio in the front.
Thursday nights hosts “The Grind” Grant and Nazim, who play in a two man- one man band style show. They play lots of the classic hits and provide good ol' fashion boot stoppin' tunes.

The Cactus likes to get packed on Thursday, so be sure to be ready to bump elbows with your neighbours when getting drinks at the bar and get there early so you can get a table.

Finally there is Original Joe's at the corner of Kenaston and Grant.

Oj's has a restaurant-business feel by day but a lounge feel by night. With its large, spacey restaurant/lounge and patio out front, overall it is a very laid back place with great food.

Half off bottles of wine, the cheapest bottle being Naked Grape, runs at $11 before taxes. The cheap wine paired with the chill atmosphere makes for a very social place filled with lots of young and young-ish people.

Thursday nights are usually busy right until 2 A.M. but if you can't finish your bottle by then, or your table's second or third bottle, then you can always re-cork and take er' home.

*** Note: Since this blog has been posted, wine night at Original Joe's has since been moved to Tuesday nights.

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