Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Winnipeg Jazz Festival

This weekend Jazz Winnipeg held its festival kick off in Old Market Square in the exchange district. This free outdoor concert was the beginning of the week long Jazz festival which occurs at various clubs and venues around the city.

Not being one that has ever attended the Winnipeg Jazz Festival before, I was pleasantly surprised at not only the large turn out in the Square on Sunday evening but at the mass of young people in attendance.

Only making it to the two closing acts on Sunday night, The Lytics and Moses Mayes, I walked up as the Lytics were rocking the audience (as per usual).

People were dancing from the streets, the pit and in the beer tents. The cube stage in the square was lit up and the performers were having a great time.

At one point Moses Mayes's man on the turntables, Grant Paley yelled out "We are officially a crowd surfing band!"

I'll be the first to admit that I am not someone who knows a lot about jazz or I may have categorized it as kind of an old persons thing on the CBC radio, but I was happily proven wrong. My only regret is that I had known about the festival sooner and I would have attended all weekend long.

If you want to check out any the Jazz Festivals club, lunch or theater series, check out their website for times and performers.

Its great to see that Jazz is alive and well, and that Winnipeggers are fulling supporting festivals within our fair city.

Also, check out The Lytics and Moses Mayes - support local musicians!

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