Sunday, 19 June 2011

Winnipeg: Known For Its Attractive Women

Is it not uncommon to hear that Winnipeg is known for it's very attractive girl population. If one was to google the question under any topical website, the answer will come out the same.

Winnipeg overall does indeed have very attractive girls.

I'm sure the same can be said about many cities, however given the rich heritage of Winnipeg with its many different backgrounds such as Metis, Aboriginal, Franco-Manitoba's, Filipinos, Icelandic and Mennonite; people were bound to meet, mate and produce pretty people. It is pretty much science.

Not only does Winnipeg have attractive girls but Winnipeg also has a higher girl to guy ratio, which leaves us single girls at not only a loss but a challenge. Of Winnipeg's population of 600 thousand, according to the 2006 census, 48.3% of the population were male and 51.7% were female.

Not only that but one quarter or 24.3% were 19 years old or younger, and another quarter of the population or 27.4%, were between 20 and 30 years old (Wiki). Young. Attractive. Single. Women.

Don't believe me? Walk into any Joey's, Earls, Moxie's or really any bar, mall, book shop or Starbucks especially in the Corydon-Osborne area and you will find attractive women. If there was some way to prove this then I would but just look around and see for yourself.

Winnipeg: Come oonnnnn down!
(Old School Winnipeg Kern Hill Furniture Co-Op reference, may he rest in peace).

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