Wednesday, 22 June 2011

What to do in Winnipeg: Tuesday Nights

Oh Winnipeg.

Here is what I love about Peggers': No matter the rain or the snow or the wind or the in between, they will go out and be social. Not only go out but girls will still rock short skirt in minus thirty degree weather.

Tuesday nights in Winnipeg, one might think that perhaps this is not the most exciting night of the week but that is not true at all and this is because of;
Soul Night at The Cavern in Osborne Village (below The Toad in the Hole pub).

Last night was my first time attending the "Soul Night" but it was not my first time hearing Sheena and The Solutions play.

Soul Night has been around for awhile but this shit is now blowing up.

Some may say it is a very "scenester" scene, with the skinny jeans, big glasses and snobby attitudes but I think it was just plain ol' dancy fun.

Sheena (who switches off with Marty, but I have yet to see her sing), is the part time lead singer of The Solutions. Sheena's voice along with the horns, drums, keys and bass makes for a full, solid sound. Her voice could be considered mix of Aretha Franklin and Florence from Florence and the Machines and paired with the unbelievably talented Solutions, this band is fun without comparison.

While the band likes to have fun with their outfits, along with their funny little dance routines, it is songs like "Shout" and "Respect" that really get the dance floor going.

During "Shout" the band brought the crowd up and down, literally, while Sheena playfully teased the audience when they sang the wrong lyrics.

The closing song "Hey Jude" was epic in proportion as the dancers sang the "Nah Nah Nah Naaas" and Sheena belted out the "Judes."

The Solutions play every second Tuesday switching off with "Dr. Hot Bottom and the Soul Prescriptions" whom I have yet to see play.

If you are in the mood to sing and dance to the soulful oldies and get good and sweaty in the underground bar, this Tuesday night you should hit up the Cavern.

Check out The Solutions and support local music-

Note***Since this blog has been posted, half priced wine night at Original Joe's has been moved to Tuesday nights. See "What to do in Winnipeg: Tuesday nights" post for details.

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