Thursday, 8 September 2011

Winnipeg is Swggerville

According to Urban Dictionary:
"Swaggerville: Winnipeg, Manitoba. Renamed swaggerville after their football team the Blue Bombers.
Dude 1: Man have you ever been to Winnipeg?

Dude 2: Yeah it's like the swagger capital of the universe!

Dude 1: No wonder they call it swaggerville..."

Not to be confused to SwaggARville otherwise you'll be swag-less, "Swaggerville" has quickly become Winnipeg's new nickname.

So, really? Are we Swaggerville?

I hate to be the hater on the subject, and I understand that the Bombers are doing well this season, but when, let's say, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats start doing well next season, are they going to be the next self-proclaimed "Swaggerville?"

What really gives us swagger anyway?
 If anything it could be our rad new downtown appeal, the chat-topping heat this past summer, the fact that we now have an NHL hockey team or, in this case, a winning CFL football team.

At first I honestly was not the biggest fan of the term "Swaggerville," and I know I am one of many who aren't on board with our city boasting about it's swag.

It all seemed so cocky and annoying bosting about winning a few football games, but after watching the YouTube interviews with the "Mayor of Swaggeville," Odell Willis and reading about the team joking about who's the city council and the CEO on the CFL website, I am starting to not mind the nickname.

If it gets people into the game, keeps fans in the seats, and gets the team playing better; then what's the harm in a little extra swag Winnipeg?

Good on the players for coining that catch phrase before one of the bigger cities with bigger sports teams did.

Sadly enough, and all the jokes aside, I have a feeling this trend may die when the Bombers start to lose games.

As for that woman who got "Winnipeg is Swaggerville" tattooed on her arm... well, let's hope they win the Grey Cup this year.


This interview with the "Mayor of Swaggerville" Odell Willis, it's pretty funny-

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