Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tweeting My Life Away


What used to be an new outlet where I could post about the mouldy bread in my fridge, or the strange things that I overhear people saying on the bus, is now an outlet for professional life.

I always kept in mind that I should be cautious of what I write on the Internet, I mean, Mama didn't raise no fool. But now, I feel as if I am leaving my carefree days of being the first generation of Facebookers behind, and moving on to the new days of tweeting my life away, with some caution.

Downtown Winnipeg Mural

My life from here on out is, and will be, tracked. Anything that I post could possibly lead me or inhibit me from a potential career. I suppose it shouln't be an issue if I don't post anything that could cause any issues, however, it's a little unnerving.


That being said, its Follow Friday, and keeping with the theme of my blog- here are some Winnipeggers that are must follows in my books:

@themanitoban, @RRCProjector: The University of Manitoba and Red River College's student newspaper. Well written articles posted by these very creative and articulate students.

@WinnipegFolk:  Upcoming festivals, music workshops and reminders of the fun in the sun that is the Winnipeg Folk Festival (my favorite time of year ).

@WinnipegNews: The Winnipeg Free Press, my favorite local newspaper.

@sandboxmag: What started as a OPP project for a couple CreComm graduates, is now a graphically pleasing and intellectually stimulating magazine involving local, fashionable Winnipeggers.

@CanStreetStyle: I believe the creators are graduated CreComm students, and judgment by their twitter, they obviously have an excellent sense of style. They're website is under construction, but hopefully we'll see these guys back in tweeting action soon.

@greenappleshop: Two rad local dudes, one rad skate shop. One is into skatboarding, the other is into filming and skateboarding, both are super friendly and sweet. It's always great to support your local skate shop! I just wish they would tweet more. :)

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