Thursday, 8 September 2011

Winnipeg Terminology Part 2

A Social: An event uniquely Manitoban, that consists of dancing, drinking and prizes. Socials are a fundraising event usually for a wedding, hockey team or community event. They are usually held at a community center or legion. Tickets are sold in advance and usually snacks like pretzels, chips, Kubasa*, rye bread, pickles and cheese are served. Once inside the social, one may buy raffle or 50/50 ticket in order to win prizes. Prizes are provided by the people hosting the social. If you haven’t done the boot scootin’ boogie at a social, then you truly haven’t lived ‘toban style.

Kubasa Sausage (pronounced Koo-ba-saw): A traditional Ukrainian garlic sausage and comes in a variety of grain textures from very course to finely ground. Kubasa is usually served with perogies and cabbage rolls for traditional Ukrainian holidays, such as Easter and Ukrainian Christmas or as a snack with pickles, cheese and crackers. If you eat too much of it, like my little sister did when she was five, you will smell like garlic sausage for days. Manitoba is known for its high population of people of Ukrainian decent.

Standard Lager: Since 1877, Standard Lager is brewed especially for Manitoba and is only sold in Manitoba. It is known for its mellow, easy drinking taste. Brewed and bottled only by Carling O'Keefe Breweries and sold only in bottles, it contains 5% alc. /vol. While the label looks similar to that of a Budweiser bottle, make no mistake, this beer in NOT a Budweiser.

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