Thursday, 27 October 2011

Dandelion-ing-Out: A Social Media Rant

I sit, with my classmates around me. They pound their keyboards, similarly to the way my Grandma used to pound dough when she used to make us perogies.

They all feverishly type away at whatever required blog post we have to do this week for our CreComm Public Relations class.

The long list of topics sits in front of me; “We still need to be on TV to be famous?” “Why Twitter will endure,” “We are the media.”

I sit here, wishing I had a coffee because the thought of thinking of how social media has affected life before nine AM is enough to put me back to bed.

Right now, I live for school, and my program largely based off of social media, which I understand the importance of, use multiple times a day, and in truth, love.

However, ever since the first time I logged onto Facebook when I was in grade eleven; somehow my whole world or rather, the whole world has changed.

Riots, flash mobs, shopping, advertising, news stories, dating and even bullying; all has changed because of social media.

And in turn social media became, and is one of the most talked about subjects in every newspaper, internet story or nightly broadcast.

We watch election coverage on TV in Manitoba, and we have to turn to the live Twitter feed to find out what people are talking about (what’s “trending”), during the nightly newscast.

Twitter has nearly become the weather forecast.

Somehow it doesn’t seem healthy when dating someone, to check their, or have them check my Facebook page to find who is posting on it, who I’m tagged with, or what their status updates are. Although, I know a lot of people who constantly check their significant other’s page just to be sure their ex, or other “threatening” people aren’t posting on it.

“He updates his status, but he never returned my call, at least I know he’s still alive.” (Barf. This could be a blog post on its own: People that use social media as a way to dictate how their relationship is going).

I understand that social media is an infinitely altering and amazing thing, and it truly is remarkable to be able to reach out to anyone in the world, to write something that possibly hundreds or thousands of people can read within seconds.  I understand that lives and careers can be altered for the better or for the worse from using it.

 I just don’t think that the world has wrapped their heads around the fact that this is just the way it is, and that we need to stop putting so much weight on social media.

Twitter, Facebook and blogs aren’t going away, however, why do we, as media broadcasters, media consumers and media junkies, need to put so much importance on it?

I understand why I personally need to be involved with social media.  In order to have a successful career in either Public Relations or Journalism, I am going to have to exhaust every social media outlet.

But, since becoming a student, I have gone on Facebook less, tweeted things that are more ‘user friendly,’ and blogged less about the one thing I know most about and love; my city.

I am excited to live in a world that just accepts social media for what it is. For it not to be such a “new” thing, that everyone must talk about within every given opportunity.

But, until then, I should have my coffee before nine AM and continue to try to understand that my blog rant is not going to change how much the world worships social media.

In the words of Marshall McLuhan “The Medium is the Message,” and in the words of Puff Daddy “We ain’t goin’ no where.”


  1. Hey Josie,
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    Lucy Welton

  2. Which taste better: computers or perogies?

  3. That last cartoon was hilarious. And Duncan, what kind of question is that?!



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