Wednesday, 19 October 2011

WASTER- Winnipeg Metal Band

My hands were freezing by the time I finished my second king-can in the back alley beside Mondragon. My friends were passing around a water bottle full of whiskey and coke.

 We were wearing our most appropriately "metal" outfits, as we waited for the headlining band, WASTER, to start.

Rocking combat boots, black nail polish and cut up t-shirts; we chugged the remainder of booze and entered the basement venue, “The Death Trap”, below the FYXX in the Exchange District.

The guys of WASTER were already set up, they checked the equipment one more time, and walked around the floor anxiously. They were ready to start.

We found a place on the right side of the stage. Only, The Death Trap doesn’t have a stage, only a rug on the floor and large stacked speakers separating the crowd from the band. 

The walls are concrete and are painted black with glow-in-the-dark spray paintings of cats and demon faces painted on them.

The anticipation in the room started to rise as the audience swarmed towards where the band was set up.
The lead singer, Nick Weibe, grabbed the Mic and stepped up onto the small platform. The platform only put him only a head taller than the rest of the crowd.

He screamed out the first couple lyrics to the song, as the rest of the band jumped full gear of the first song.

The crowd was already sweaty, they started to push and shove each other; the mosh pit commenced.

We were in The Thunder Pit.
WASTER, is a five-piece metal groove band from Winnipeg. They were recently signed to Gold Stock Records, and release their first 10 song-album “Thunder Pit.” This past week was the kick show for their 9 gig Western Canada tour.

Michael Fardoe and Nic Herzog’s quick riffs, Tim Halbert ripping bass, Casey Fiorante’s heavy drums, and  Nick Wiebe’s tearing voice come together to make a full bad-ass sound.

If you get the chance to check these guys out, at The Death Trap or elsewhere, I strongly suggest going. Even if you aren’t the biggest metal fan, the energy this band gives off is worth checking out.

Their album is also available for download on iTunes.


  1. where can i find this band i wanna hear them
    my facebook is kenny dj vulgar

    1. wow i found them on facebook there very much so so bad ass i see why you was goin to see them hell yeah good taste in music lady


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