Thursday, 1 December 2011

NOT a retraction

Due to the overwhelming number of blog views and comments good and bad, I received on my last post "Dating in Winnipeg," I am not writing a retraction but rather a clarification.

First and foremost, the last post had nothing whatsoever to do with my current personal life. However, this is a blog and the last post, like any other post, is my opinion. I was simply generalizing the sentiment felt by some single women in my life and whom I've spoken with.

In my first "case study" I can see how people may think that I was being shallow by stating that some guys get multiple-girls despite being "average." But this was not the point I was trying to make.

I was trying to say that girls shouldn't settle for guys who won't commit to them, nor should they settle for guys that don't treat them as well. Not just pretty girls, as one comment said, but all girls. Or rather all people.

My next point is that dating is hard, no matter where you live. But add minus 30 degrees, and less males than females in the city and see how that equates.

Lastly, of course my friends are amazingly beautiful, fun, smart and funny; but so are you. Not to give a Barney the Dinosaur style lesson, but it's true. So there is no reason for anyone to not believe that they aren't.

Good luck out there ladies (and guys), and to quote the book one last time "don't waste the pretty."