Friday, 27 January 2012

92.9 KICK FM

Recently, I started my own radio show on Winnipeg's Indie Station 92.9 KICK FM.

Sadly, a week after my first show the CRTC announced that they will be evaluating KICK in order to determine whether or not they will to continue to fund the station.

Despite only having done two episodes, I have can honestly say I have never felt so at home with doing something that is completely new and foreign to me.

The station manager, Rick, taught us how to use the sound board, choose songs and answer calls (if anyone was to ever call) and then he left us to take the wheel.

I always had a love for radio, as a kid I loved the drive to school in the morning listening the witty banter of Beau, Tom and Fraiser on Q94.

And then as I got older, the more my love for CBC grew. I was so proud of myself when I was picked as letter of the day by Jion Ghomeshi on Q.

Now, to have my own show, even though it's only on a college station, is a small dream of mine come true.

I know it sounds cheesy to say, but when you know you love to do something, you just know.
The first day I sat down with headphones on my ears, and a mic in my face, I just knew.

It would be a sad day if or when KICK gets closed down, and other kids like me couldn't for fill their small dreams too.

Until then...

Check out my show

on 92.9 KICK FM


Friday, 20 January 2012

It's cold outside

Winnipeg winter, we can blog about it, whine about it and talk about it some more. Some may say its a Winnipegger's favourite subject.

But no matter who you talk to; your grandma, your neighbour, a complete stranger on the bus. We all have a common bond of shared hatred: the cold weather.

Its been minus 40 the past couple days. It's days like this week when walking to your car, just a few short blocks, become unbearable.

When you get an instant brain freeze one step outside your door, not because you're drinking a slurpee, but because your toque isn't covering your forehead enough (but there is a good chance you may also have a slurpee in your hand).

My question is; what keeps us going?

When I lived in Fernie, I didn't mind the cold weather because at least I had the mountain to go slide on.

Here, some people ice skate or snowmobile to pass the winter months.

Or if you're like my dad, shoveling the drive way becomes a hobby.

So, how bout' that weather eh?

Monday, 16 January 2012

Slurpees in -30

On our very cold drive home from Sunday dinner last night, my sister pointed out the window to two kids who were bundled up from head to toe.

They were each carrying Slurpees, and walking backwards to the chilly winter wind.

My sister laughed and said "Only in Winnipeg."

True enough, sometimes you just need a Slurpee no matter how cold it gets.

Slurpee Capital of the World

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Getting out of 204

Not so long ago, I used to vow to myself that I would "get out of this frozen-dump-of-a-city if it's the last thing I do!"

Eventually, I did end up leaving the Winnipeg, but the contempt I felt for my city when I was 17 didn't last as long as I thought it would.

Now, with the end of my post-secondary education in sight, and the very real option of leaving the city for good (or at least for a real job) is a possible actualization, I'm not so sure about leaving after-all.

I used to feel angry with my family for not wanting to leave the city, for not wanting to live in warmer places like Vancouver or Toronto.

I used to not understand why kids my age didn't want to move out of their parents basement, and go travel to foreign countries for months on end.

After my first year university, I couldn't wait to be anywhere but here.

That said, it was one thing to leave when all my things were still in my parents house, and my permanent address still read "Winnipeg, Manitoba" on it. 

Just a few short blocks away are friends that I've gone to school with since grade two, they still live in the same house that their parents bought as newly weds.

I used to knock them for not wanting to break free of the grasp Winnipeg had on them, for not wanting to move out of their beautiful River Heights homes, and into their own dingy apartments in Osborne Village.

But as I sit in my own dingy apartment, eating noodles and collecting dept. Frequently visiting the LC to buy the cheapest bottle of wine possible, I look back at my 17 year old self and laugh.

Winnipeg ain't so bad.

My whole family is here; when I don't have enough money for food or laundry, my mom comes to get me.

When I'm feeling stressed or lonely, I have several friends within blocks from me, who no matter how cold it gets, are willing to meet me at the Toad for a drink.

And yeah, it's cold. Really, really effing cold.  And yeah, there are pot holes, the buses run late, and sometimes downtown gets sketchy. But the people are nice, there are plenty of job opportunities, and family and friends are always near-by (if you're born and raised like I am).

So I guess I've searched, and maybe I'm getting old or something, but nesting in Winnipeg doesn't sound so bad to me anymore.

That said, a hot vacation out of here never hurt anyone.