Friday, 20 January 2012

It's cold outside

Winnipeg winter, we can blog about it, whine about it and talk about it some more. Some may say its a Winnipegger's favourite subject.

But no matter who you talk to; your grandma, your neighbour, a complete stranger on the bus. We all have a common bond of shared hatred: the cold weather.

Its been minus 40 the past couple days. It's days like this week when walking to your car, just a few short blocks, become unbearable.

When you get an instant brain freeze one step outside your door, not because you're drinking a slurpee, but because your toque isn't covering your forehead enough (but there is a good chance you may also have a slurpee in your hand).

My question is; what keeps us going?

When I lived in Fernie, I didn't mind the cold weather because at least I had the mountain to go slide on.

Here, some people ice skate or snowmobile to pass the winter months.

Or if you're like my dad, shoveling the drive way becomes a hobby.

So, how bout' that weather eh?

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