Monday, 27 February 2012

Prairie Anxiety

"I'm from the the prairies, where you can watch you dog run away for a week."

This was my go-to line to describe where I was from when I lived and worked in the mountains. What my customers and new friends didn't know was is that I was hardly joking as I recited the line. 

I realize a lot of people love the wide open spaces of the prairies, and despite being born and raised here, there are times when I can't STAND the vastness of the land.

Don't get me wrong, I know how lucky I am to have so much space especially after visiting other countries. But it's something about looking to the horizon, and seeing a few buildings marking the city center way off in the distance that makes me feel uneasy. 

Last week was reading week, and I jumped at the opportunity to high tail it out of here to head West. It was the first time in years that I drove to Alberta rather than flying. 

As soon as we got into Banff, I immediately felt like I was home, despite my home never really being in the Rockies. I love the feeling of being confined. I love being able to see the outline of the mountains traced in the sky by the moonlight.

But let's not get overly poetic here.

Truthfully, I don't mind winter. I don't mind being outside... If I'm bundled up without any skin showing. 

Since moving back the prairies I feel as though I am at a loss for winter activities, whereas before I could get up, go for a few runs at the hill and then head to work. Going to a "hill" anywhere near Winnipeg is hardly worth it, by the time you do up your bindings your fingers are frozen and 30 seconds later you're back on the chair. It's the worst. 

*Sigh* I guess I'll have to continue to tide myself over by visiting BC and Alberta every once in awhile until the prairies grow some hills. 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Downtown WPG Documentary Vs Podcast IPP

For the many of you that don't know, an IPP or an Independent Personal Project, is an assignment which all Creative Communication student must do in their second year at Red River College.

It is described as "a chance to showcase the skills and abilities you have learnt in the program, and is an opportunity to do something that you otherwise would never have had the chance to do if it weren't for the program." -Most of the CreComm Instructors

A lot of students like to throw fund raisers and benefits. It's also common for students to write books, novels and blogs, and make Podcasts, documentaries and Apps. I can't say I'm much different from the other students.

My two ideas for an IPP are either A) a Documentary or B) a Podcast.

Real original, I know.

But hear me out...

Downtown Winnipeg Doc: I know you've read about it, talked about it and are sick to death about hearing about it, probably because you don't go there anymore unless there is a Jets game, but the goal of my doc would be to rectify the negative stigma which many people have attached to their idea of downtown Winnipeg.

Old School

I would like to interview people involved in the Downtown Biz, The MTS Centre, The Forks and 5468796 (Barcode) architecture firm, as well as people who live or work downtown.

However, in the words of my loving boss "Talking about change in downtown Winnipeg is like beating a dead horse."

(Google-ing "Dead horse images" was a bad idea).

Plan B) Podcast

Ideally, my Podcast would be modeled after CBC's Q. Instead of interviewing famous actors, singers and bands, I would interview bands from across Canada who are passing through Winnipeg on their summer Canadian tour. Or do a series of phone interviews, with a few songs from the band's EP or album. And finally, instead of a witty Jian Ghomeshi as the host, listeners get me, Josie Loeppky :).

I would market the show, turn it into a brand and make it into a series people can download for free or listen to it on 92.9 KICK FM.

I would love to get feedback on my ideas because I would like to make something that people would actually listen to or watch, and to really "showcase" my skills.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What's next?

Six months ago, I came into this program so excited about the idea of finding a career for the rest of my life.

A way out of serving tables. Not that I dislike serving, and not that I'm bad it. But to find a way of earning a living by putting some of my creativity to use.

Lots of people talk about the stresses of CreComm and the crazy amount of homework we get every week. I don't mind the work load, and I don't mind school being most of my life.

It's the amount of stress put on deciding a major that is starting to get to me. When an instructor tells me I should decide how I want my life to look like in the next five to ten years, if I want to work 9-5 or evenings and weekends, I start to panic.

I know this is where I want to be, but the idea of having to decide a big part of my future in a week and a half is beginning to wear on me.

I know this isn't a blog about Winnipeg, perhaps someone out there can relate? #CreComm