Monday, 13 February 2012

Downtown WPG Documentary Vs Podcast IPP

For the many of you that don't know, an IPP or an Independent Personal Project, is an assignment which all Creative Communication student must do in their second year at Red River College.

It is described as "a chance to showcase the skills and abilities you have learnt in the program, and is an opportunity to do something that you otherwise would never have had the chance to do if it weren't for the program." -Most of the CreComm Instructors

A lot of students like to throw fund raisers and benefits. It's also common for students to write books, novels and blogs, and make Podcasts, documentaries and Apps. I can't say I'm much different from the other students.

My two ideas for an IPP are either A) a Documentary or B) a Podcast.

Real original, I know.

But hear me out...

Downtown Winnipeg Doc: I know you've read about it, talked about it and are sick to death about hearing about it, probably because you don't go there anymore unless there is a Jets game, but the goal of my doc would be to rectify the negative stigma which many people have attached to their idea of downtown Winnipeg.

Old School

I would like to interview people involved in the Downtown Biz, The MTS Centre, The Forks and 5468796 (Barcode) architecture firm, as well as people who live or work downtown.

However, in the words of my loving boss "Talking about change in downtown Winnipeg is like beating a dead horse."

(Google-ing "Dead horse images" was a bad idea).

Plan B) Podcast

Ideally, my Podcast would be modeled after CBC's Q. Instead of interviewing famous actors, singers and bands, I would interview bands from across Canada who are passing through Winnipeg on their summer Canadian tour. Or do a series of phone interviews, with a few songs from the band's EP or album. And finally, instead of a witty Jian Ghomeshi as the host, listeners get me, Josie Loeppky :).

I would market the show, turn it into a brand and make it into a series people can download for free or listen to it on 92.9 KICK FM.

I would love to get feedback on my ideas because I would like to make something that people would actually listen to or watch, and to really "showcase" my skills.


  1. do a doc.
    but honestly shift your focus slightly so instead of rectifying the negative stigma about our downtown try and find an example of a business/person/organization that is doing something positive for downtown in the midst of all this negativity.
    and try it make it something people wouldn't have heard about before... everyone knows about the jets, the Downtown BIZ and RRC and what they've done for downtown.
    not saying it's a bad idea to interview people from those places for perspective but you need to take the viewer somewhere they've never been before.
    so instead of just talking about change downtown you can actually show someone putting change in effect.

  2. Downtown is narrow and niche market. It's a one off. With a podcast, you have the opportunity to develop your brand over time and more dynamically. You can put your finger on the pulse and respond accordingly. With the doco, you're railroaded into your subject matter and the level of involvement is pretty high right off the get go. I think you'd need a lot more up front.

    With the podcast, you can decide on your format, sure. But that's really just a guide line, isn't it? You can introduce segments, try things out, keep what works and discard what doesn't. I suppose you can do all things thing with the documentary, but the end result sort of happens, and it's stagnant. I mean, you make it, and it then it sits there. Maybe you get some click throughs for the first little while and the views shoot up, but then it plateaus and that's the end of it. Which is fine, I guess.

    But I like the conversation. I like the distributed aspect of the podcast. It's the back and forth, the exchange. There's so much you can do with it. Inviting guests from all walks onto the show, doing follow ups, running regular segments with special guests... and I love it when one show has the host(s) of another show on and they just spread the podcast love all around. Listener call ins? Just make sure to screen them. One of my fave segments of all time, call in or otherwise, is Momentous Occasions on Jordan Jesse Go! ( Listeners call in and tell stories about... well, yeah. Momentous occasions.

    I could go on. I'm a huge fan of the podcast - it's radio on demand for gods sake! About anything you want, really. If you're interested in it, someone is doing a podcast about it somewhere. I'm super fortunate in that some days at work, I can get several hours when I can quietly handle my business undisturbed. So I listen to a lot of audio content.

    I guess the last thing I would add is that, I feel like the movie format is tired. There will always be a place for it, yeah. I get that. But in the end, isn't it just typical boring old school broadcasting? A top down message. Totally rigid content. Inflexible. The new school is all about cross platform branding (podcasts are a spoke in the big wheel that is the personal brand) and disseminating content in a variety of ways through a variety of mediums. A podcast is an ongoing conversation. A movie is a one off, one way communication. I say make content that is collaborative, ongoing and dynamic. Do the podcast.

    Also, maybe then I could listen to your radio show, but having to tune in at specific time, on a specific day... that like living in the stone age, man. It's like... replacing my cordless phone with a corded rotary.

    Well, maybe not THAT bad...


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