Thursday, 29 November 2012

Back on that blog game

I know, I know. Good bloggers take a few minutes out of everyday to blog. 

But the truth is, who want to read something that is half hearted posted?

AND, who wants read something that is poorly written? I sure don't.

So, while my other blog ( has been taking up more of my time lately, I decided to let The Dandelion suffer. 

The weather is cold, no, frigid. So I guess it's a good time to get back on that blog game.

Besides summer and fall, the Holiday season in this city is my favourite time of year. I almost like being in Polo Park mall among the insanity of holiday shoppers.

After my initial anger that a perfectly nice, big, beautiful old tree has just been cut down to be put in front of our tired-looking municipal government building; the Christmas tree in front of City Hall excited me. 

The lights down Portage and Main are so beautiful glowing in the city's darkness at 4:30 PM.

And if you haven't experienced the wind-chill in downtown Winnipeg at this time of year, oh, I highly recommend it. Especially if you're going for the my-cheeks-are-so-frozen-that-it-looks-like-I-put-on-an-adorable-amount-of-blush-look. 


All cynicism aside, Winnipeg does a good job of making the city feel festive despite the weather. And it really is my third favorite time of year in the city.

Happy Holidays Winnipeg. 

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