Friday, 25 January 2013

Wind Chills and Winnipeg Transit

Winnipeg is going through a cold snap - No, this isn't new news.

If the CBC hadn't warned me every morning before I left my house - I would have gone on my merry way, wearing four pairs of leggings, a sweater, a hoodie, my winter parka and two pairs of mitts, thinking to myself: This was a normal Winnipeg winter.

And in reality is has been a "normal Winnipeg winter"! It's been -44 with the wind-chill for the past four days and that's just something we have to deal with because we choose to live here.

Now. I'm not going to rant about the weather. Although, I must say, as a personal side note: Winnipeggers have been doing a good job of sucking it up.

I want you to picture this: 

It's dark out (no surprise there, it's winter). Five people standing at a bus stop, shuffling back and forth, checking the oncoming traffic for signs of headlights larger than an average cars'. But there is no hope. It's 8:09 P.M. The schedule said the number 18 was supposed to be here at 8:06 P.M.

The bus is three minutes late. That's not a good sign.

The snow starts to form layers on our shoulders and heads. One of the men isn't wearing mitts. The other has his scarf up but his jacket is unzipped and open. I am thanking my parents over and over again in my head for buying me my large-and-in-charge men's Sorel boots.

Ten minutes pass. Another man joins the stop. We're all looking at the ground, knowing the truth but not wanting to talk to each other about it.

Eight more minutes go by. By this time, we know: The bus has no-showed.

After half an hour of waiting in the snow. We finally see the large headlights and the changing sign "North-Main Corydon" blinking off in the distance.  We pre-maturely form a line in the predicted area of where the bus will stop. Finally, we hear the screech of the bus's brakes. We all board the bus. Brush off the snow. And pretend like the last half an hour never happened.

Thanks Winnipeg Transit. You've been so helpful today.

This is me on the bus after "the wait", giving it a certain finger. 


  1. charity overheard a bus driver say that if a driver is sick or if there aren't enough drivers, they just don't send a bus out for that time slot. totes lame. shouldn't there be a "casual" or "part-time" list of drivers they can call in? seems like this happens all too often with wpg transit.

  2. At the very least, some sort of mass notification tool, sending small messages (say 140 characters) out into the world where people can read them on mobile devices.
    If only there was a...


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