Friday, 12 July 2013

Honest Bloggin'

I haven't been posting on my blog lately because I've been busy adjusting to real life in an office.

My new job at Honet Agency is nothing short of rad. That said, it's quite the change from student life to desk job life. Instead of eating KD every night, I now eat steak. I sleep eight hours a night and go to bed at a reasonable hour. I no longer go out on weekdays and live for the weekend. These are just some of the basic changes in my new life but here's my interpretation of day-to-day life in an office.

And yes, I originally blogged it on the Honest blog, not my own.

Gimme That 3 O’clock Sugar Rush

Authored by Josie Loeppky, 
Oh, hi there.

You may not know me around the blog, most likely because I'm new to these parts. I'm Josie, the "Communications Coordinator" aka Girl Friday.

I've only been around Honest for two months, but that's not to say I don't understand the ins and outs of office life already. You know what I'm talkin' about: the morning coffee routine, the slow sift through today's paper, the 10 glasses of water you drink a day because it allows you to get up from desk and stretch your legs.

Office life ain't so bad. The routine is comforting. The habitual aspects of it are soothing. Becoming better friends with coworkers than your own mother is a natural, and most of the time, an easy progression. And, at least for me, midday client/staff meetings are a treat.

That said, there's one thing about office life I can't seem to find a solution to: the three o'clock doldrums.

As a student for the past four years, the three o'clock doldrums weren't something I had to deal with. You're tired? You find a semi-quiet place in the school and take a nap. But no dice in the office world. No, no! Midafternoon means it's time to pound back the sugar, make the coffee extra strong and work through the next hour like you're a sandbag in Calgary. If you make it to 3:30, without dozing off, you're in the clear. Congrats! You're in the final stretch of the day.


Anyway, that's my interpretation of office life. If you have a better solution to the doldrum problem, please feel free to email me.

PS. Honest just got a candy wall!

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